Works in Progress

During the summer I generally take a step back from painting to explore other media, and while I’ve been busy focusing on animation and dabbling in sculpture, there are a few pieces in the studio that I’m excited to get back to soon.

‘The Son’ is a large 5’x3′ painting that I’ve been working on for about a year and a half. I feel like I’m very close to the end, but this has been the most frustrating piece I’ve ever worked on.


‘Lady of the Bayou’ is a fun piece that I wanted to try out some things on. I aimed to strip down my painting method to the simplest process possible, no easel, 5 colors, 6 brushes, and a small wood panel. The result was awesome, from sketch to nearly finished took about 3 days, probably 1 more day needed to finish it off… For me, that is working incredibly fast. After the long drawn out process of painting ‘The Son’ I’m more inclined to work like this, small scale, and simple. In the future I’m hoping to produce some more small scale works furthering my sea creature theme.









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